Welcome at the website of Furniture Repair Centre

Furniture Repair Centre is a 100% subsidiary of Oranje BV, in the Dutch city of Oldenzaal, manufacturer of products for furniture maintenance and repair.

A trustworthy combina¬tion, because through intensive cooperation in the areas of knowledge, experience and products, there is a fast and efficient solution available for any “furniture problem”.

Furniture Repair Centre operates nationwide and offers its services for a.o. home furni¬shers and furniture factories.

Among its satisfied clients are: 

  • Protexx@ 
  • Leathergard@
  • Royal Leather Care@
  • Royal Textile Care@
  • All in House@
  • Leatherlook@

Tracking through the internet

Service commissions can be contracted and tracked quickly and easily through the In¬ternet. Using a personal code you will always and anywhere have access to your current service contracts.
At all times you will be able to know the state of things, of (all of) your service contracts.

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